PTC Requirements and Validation Solution - What's New!

Seamless connection between PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager and PTC Windchill Traceability Throughout the Product Lifecycle Is Now Easier Than Ever

"99% of respondents say requirements traceability is a major part of requirements management. Best in class organizations connect requirements to product information, including the product design, test plan, status of test plan, etc."

Aberdeen Group Report 2012.

Engineering executives are increasingly challenged to accelerate the delivery of innovative products and manage the proliferation of product variants with fewer resources, all while improving quality.

There have been significant enhancements to the PTC Requirements and Validation solution recently. Take a look at the key products with their associated capabilities and benefits.

Associated Product Releases
Capabilities Benefits
Windchill 11.0 M010 and Integrity Lifecycle Manager 10.9 - Requirements Integration
  • Easily view Windchill information from Integrity Lifecycle Manager or  Integrity Lifecycle Manager information from Windchill
  • Create traces without having to replicate data across systems
  • Task-based app to trace Integrity Lifecycle Manager Requirements to Windchill product information
  • Reduce time to locate the right information
  • Improve interaction for better requirements authoring
  • Enhance project information and tracking for improved visibility
  • Reduce unwanted errors in collaboration and design process
  • Integrity Lifecycle Manager 10.9
  • Improve ability to find and filter information in large requirement documents
  • Improved usability when performing Undo/Redo operations
  • Enable and manage project specific fields
  • Analyze the content when re-importing documents
  • Respond quickly to market & customer needs
  • Ensure alignment of Requirements through the whole Product definition
  • Reduce rework costs related to meeting Requirements
  • Improve Verification by clear understanding of needs
  •  Integrity Requirements Connector 3.1
  • Quickly automate the process to exchange requirements with suppliers, OEMs, or other systems
  • Easily exchange requirements leveraging the RIF file format
  • Reduce needless user interaction time with simple scripted processing
  • Ensure alignment when interacting with your customers and partners