Project-Based Learning (PBL)

Project-Based Learning (PBL)

When students graduate from school and head off to work, many of them will take on projects that will require a combination of 21st century skills as well as specific domain knowledge in STEM fields and beyond.

Our education team aims to help teachers get their kids ready for the professional world by providing a series of resources that can be infused in project-based learning activities. These activities are organized around our education model called Product Development Education. We recommend starting with our Product Development Education reference and then familiarizing with the Explore-Create-Share framework.

Product Development Education

Product Development Education:

Engage students with the story of product creation and challenge them to take a role in new innovations.

STEM Authoring Guide:

Download this step-by-step framework for developing project-based STEM curriculum.


Organize student learning in a step-by-step design process that is rooted in research theory and classroom practice.

Explore Resources

Product Inquiry:

Engage students with immersive 3D models and dig deep into product systems and function.

Creo View Mobile:

View 3D models of products with this free app. Available for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod.

Creo View PC:

View 3D models of products with this free PC software program. The PC version includes additional functionality such as view states, annotate parts, and measure dimensions.

3D Model Library:

Access dozens of 3D models from both the natural and technological world.

Project Planning:

Start PBL activities on the right track by identifying student goals, requirements, team roles and other critical project planning elements.

Creativity Notebook:

Document planning and development like professional do in industry with a design notebook.

Online Research

Develop critical research skills in online arenas with these tips and tricks.

Explore Review Storybook:

Capture your findings from the research phase by creating a portfolio of your research in a storybook format.

Create Resources


Familiarize yourself with classroom brainstorming strategies.

Modeling Strategies:

Familiarize yourself classroom modeling strategies that are aligned with industry.


Familiarize yourself with industry sketching principles for designing products.

Creo Parametric:

Download our industry-class software for creating 3D products

Creo Stories:

Learn how Creo is used in industry by our 28,000 customers.

Design Brief:

Use this assessment activity and rubric to evaluate student products.

Share Resources

Industry Roles:

Connect student learning and innovation to real world industry roles.

News Article:

Assess student innovation with a news article assignment.

User Storyboard:

Illustrate how a product is used with a storyboard assessment.

Research Proposal:

Practice scientific fund raising/support with a research proposal assessment.

Business Plan:

Identify the market requirements of a product with a business plan assessment.

Design Brief:

Summarize the design process with a quad chart assessment.

Inspiration Portfolio:

Capture inspiration in a portfolio assessment.

Industry Stories:

Explore industry stories written by PTC authors.