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El soporte no es solo mantenerle activo. Es también optimizar el rendimiento y la productividad ayudándole a controlar los costes y el riesgo. Este soporte está diseñado para acelerar y mantener la ventaja competitiva.

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Support Solutions

Support Services Packaged to Meet Your Needs

Every day, customers just like you tell us how their Support services helped them achieve their goals. Your Support package is a comprehensive set of services, delivered as Software Support, eSupport and Assisted Support, engineered to enhance productivity and your support experience.


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Evolutionary Support

Support That Grows With You

Just like software evolves, PTC Support continuously evolves to meet new expectations and take advantage of new capabilities. PTC customers largely influence the evolution of Support in areas that produce the most value in productivity, system performance and administration, and controlling costs and risks.

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Performance Advisor – PTC's 1st Smart Connected Support Tool

The Performance Advisor is a dashboard for monitoring and managing your software installations – exclusively available to all active support and subscription customers running Creo 2.0 M150 (or later), Creo M030 (or later), or Windchill 11 F000 (or later). Powered by PTC's own IoT platform, ThingWorx, the Performance Advisor tool helps customers realize operational efficiencies, service and complete IT process transformations, and conduct actionable analysis within their own installations.